Hide your age with Irish registration numbers


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Wouldn’t it be great if we could hide our real age sometimes? I’m sure everyone reading this has had at least one time in their life when they’ve said they were older or younger than they really are! Unfortunately, the older we get the harder it is to disguise our age and when people try to do it, they resort to more and more extreme measures, and some of them work… for a while.

Unfortunately you can’t hide your own age with Northern Irish registration plates, but you can effectively disguise the age of your car with Irish number plates. Here we mean Northern Irish number plates. It is important to note that registration plates from the Republic of Ireland cannot be transferred onto UK registered cars. English, Scottish and Welsh car number plates now have age identifiers and you can’t use a car number plate on a car older than the age identifier on the plate. You can’t for example, use a 2001 01 plate on a car registered before 2001. This would be misleading as people would think the car is younger than it really is. Registration plates from Northern Ireland, on the other hand, do not have an age element to them. It is impossible to tell how old they are and it is therefore impossible to tell the age of the car from the number plate. What’s more, they can be legally transferred onto any British car, as long as they have been transferred onto a Northern Irish registered car first. To transfer an Irish plate onto a car on the mainland, you will need to send documents to Northern Ireland, but Irish number plate sellers would be able to advise you of their procedures.

So what do Northern Irish number plates look like?

The Northern Irish plates all have a two or  three letter combination that corresponds to the region the car is from. So for example the registration plates in Belfast There is always an I or a Z in the letter combination, and many of these combinations can spell names, for example GAZ, BAZ, HIL, JIL, etc. After the letters are 1, 2, 3 or 4 numbers. Other words can also be found in Irish number plates, such as GIG – any musicians out there? That would be ideal for you! Maybe a band might fancy GIG 1212 for their roadies or sound technicians…

Obviously the more obvious name and word combinations are more expensive. GAZ 1, DIG 17 (Dig It), or BIG 808 (Big Bob) might be out of some people’s price range However if your main reason for purchasing an Irish number plate is to disguise the age of your car, whether for business or personal image reasons, then there are some very cheap examples available. From around £50 Plus VAT and transfer fees you can find one of the cheaper Irish registration plates available for your car. Perhaps a KIG or a HFZ plate could look good on your vehicle.

Of course you can disguise the age of your car with UK plates but these can be more expensive, and there is often more competition for the really cherished number plates. For these reasons, it is certainly worth considering Irish registration numbers to hide the age of your vehicle as you can get the same result with them, for just a fraction of the cost of UK number plates.